The face is a mirror of our experience, deep emotions and physical status. Its vitality depends on plenty of factors and requires permanent care.

Each new season bestows its mark upon our daily routine, body health and face care. Hot temperatures and excess tanning can cause pigmentation, dehydration and weariness.

Experts alarm that skin is much more sensitive than we suppose, especially when it comes to sudden weather changes when its natural barriers cannot work efficiently. Most people suffer from dryness, impairment and fragility of the skin during the autumn.

We often tend to underestimate some of the symptoms, but if you want to be responsible towards yourself, notice each sign and signal of your organism.

How to achieve a healthy skin glow:

-keep your face free of accumulated dirt; clean skin requires less additional protection;

– forget the expensive cosmetic products; reinvent the power of the fruits and vegetables if you want fresh skin like a child;

– regular face massage is one of the secret keys; mechanical action can help you eliminate the toxins.

The most fundamental efforts are the most straightforward way to strive towards perfection.